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The Acar Hotel is in the ideal location, just 2.5km away from the city of Alanya and just 150 meters away from the beach. So guests are free to spend their days exploring and discovering the historic city and surrounding areas or relax on the warm sands while the children take advantage of the various water sports on offer. \nAll rooms are equipped with the necessary amenities to ensure all guests have a comfortable and pleasant stay. \nThere is a playground on site for the children to play in while you take some time out and the swimming pool also has a section for children so adults can cool off without the risk of being splashed\nThe Acar Hotel has 3 restaurant areas and a bar with various different cuisines and beverages on offer plus the facilities to play, billiards, table tennis and darts. \n\n##Location\n The Acar Hotel is located just 2.5km from the city of Alanya and 150 meters from the beach. \n\n##Accomodation\n All rooms are equipped with, direct telephone, satellite television with radio, air conditioning, shower and toilet, minibar, hair dryer and a balcony. Towels and sheets are changed every 2 days (upon request) and room cleaning is daily. \n\n##Eating and Drinking\n Buffet style, breakfast, lunch and dinner are available from the hotel restaurant. \n\n##Swimming Pools\n There is an outdoor pool with a section for children, so everyone can enjoy the pool area wether relaxing or splashing around.

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